1. LEHI Bait Company is first and foremost a wholesaler. This makes our top priority servicing our dealers and distributors. However, we have come to realize that we can not meet the needs of all anglers solely through normal distribution channels. Thus we have reluctantly begun to accept orders via this web site on a case by case basis. This policy brings our company in line with the industry trend.

2. We will not ship orders to anglers if there is a local retailer who is carrying the products requested. Nor will we ship to a consumer directly in cases where the retailer is out of stock and it is due to our backorders.

3. We reserve the right to reject orders for any reason.

4. Purchaser agrees to not take legal action against LEHI Bait Company for any reason(s), regardless of whether LEHI Bait Company may or may not be at fault or in non compliance with any State, Federal, or local, law, rule or regulation(s).

5. Retail Sales will not be made within the City of Charleston, SC proper.